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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

8:34PM - Writer's Block: Who wants to live forever?

Would you want to live forever? Does your answer change depending on whether or not everyone else gets to live forever as well?
Stephen Hawking

Saturday, October 13, 2007

7:25AM - Pan American - Quiet,and request

Hi - Happy to be (new) here. Looks like you have a very broad range of music here. So here's a record, Pan American's "Quiet City".

MP3, 320kbps CBR, no password.
Review: http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/record_review/20714-quiet-city?artist_title=20714-quiet-city

Pan American is Mark Nelson, a member of Labradford. The music is mostly ambient, but with direction, a wide range of acoustic and electronic sounds, and mostly beautiful and mesmerizing. More for dedicated listening than background music.

REQUEST: I seek all work by März. I believe there are two albums, "Love Streams" and "Wir Sind Hier". Thanks.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

12:53PM - Quiz: What is this object?

I took this photo outside my home. Slight photoshopping - painterly smoothing (Impressionist plug-in). Custom frame shape. All lines, colours, tones and light are original.

So, what is it?
(see below pic)


answer this way ...


answer this way ...


It's a truck related roadworks along our street. Not sure what it does exactly; looks like it lays pipe. As soon as I saw this parked outside, I knew there was a picture.


Welcome. Hire Me!

June 2006, Toronto -- I am British-Canadian Martin Lomas - web designer, audio producer, writer. If you like what you see, hire me.

— Phone (416) 410-7988 days, evenings, weekends
— Email martinlomas@sympatico.ca


TreeShare - my 1st business; online family trees
TreeShare Demo - family tree demo site
TreeShare Promo - Flash ad made in-house
WithCourage - my 2nd business; online memorials
WithCourage Demo - memorial demo site
WithCourage Forum - customised message board
WithCourage eCards - customised send-a-card
The Music Womb - personal audio hobby site; audio reviews are most-visited
(sorry, I lost images newer than 2003 due to act of.. something beyond me; all words are in tact)
mirror ball - recent photography
the beautyhood - more photography
AudioNinjahz - audio hub collaboration

Hire Me! - I am looking for part-time work, preferably from my home office, in the areas of web design, writing, audio and all related disciplines.

My Resumé (text version here)

Martin Lomas

• Web Design
• Music & Sound
• Writing & Editing


As I work on my own Web ventures, I need part time work that fits some combination of my computing, writing, audio and Internet/Web skills.


2003 - Present
TreeShare Genealogy and
WithCourage Memorials
(web service providers)

- Conceived, researched, registered and started online businesses.
- Created web sites and all web services from scratch.
- Employ HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, etc. as necessary.
- Run marketing campaigns to promote.
- Run and maintain in-house Apache web servers.
- Run and maintain all aspects of the software & businesses.

May 1992 - March 2001
Senior Account Manager
MLS Data Management Solutions, Toronto
(computer service bureau)

- Represented MLS to clients for their computer service needs.
- Analyzed clients' needs and created data processing specs.
- Liaised continuously between clients and data centre to fulfill projects.
- Wrote letters, created proposals and quotes, drew up invoices.
- Planned and executed company marketing strategies.
- Created all sales literature.
- Maintained office computers and network.

September 1985 - May 1992
Marketing Information Supervisor and Computer Operations Supervisor
Grolier Limited, Toronto
(book publisher and seller)

As Marketing Information Supervisor (1990-1992):
- Processed marketing projects on PCs and IBM mid-range computers.
- Liaised between Marketing and IT departments, and external suppliers.
- Designed in-house marketing database system.
As Computer Operations Supervisor (1985-1990):
- Supervised three operators and all operations on IBM mid-range computers.
- Set IT department policies and procedures for staff and processing.
- Assisted in hiring, and trained operations staff.

May 1983 - July 1985
Senior Computer Operator
United Co-operatives of Ontario, Mississauga
(farming co-operative)

- Controlled all operations on Honeywell mainframe computer.
- Created control routines to handle batch processing.

July 1979 - May 1983
Computer Operator and Field Engineer
ITT/Standard Telephones & Cables, London, UK
(telephone and electronics conglomerate)

As Computer Operator (1980-1983):
- Operated multiple Honeywell mainframe computers.
As Field Engineer (1979-1980):
- Installed and maintained IBM-compatible computer equipment.


January 1981 - Present
Various, UK & Toronto
- Dozens of courses, seminars and conferences attended.
- Computer, marketing and business subjects.

September 1979 - June 1980
Barnet Technical College, London, UK
- Technicians Education Council Certificate in Electronics, credit achieved.

September 1972 - June 1979
Stanborough Senior School, UK
- General Certificates of Education, Cambridge Board of Examiners.
- Eight O-level passes achieved.


Available on request.


- Good Web design as an art and a science.
- Passionate interest in music, writing, the arts.
- Experienced musician and writer.

Thanks for visiting

Current mood: chillaxed, actually

Saturday, May 6, 2006

10:28AM - Megaslowload?

Hey people, just wondering if anyone else is noticing quite a slow-down of Megaupload's download speed? Not long ago, I used to get >100k/s (I have DSL), but just recently I'm in the 10 - 20k/s range. This is by no means complaining - man, I am just thrilled to be getting music at any speed. Just wondering if I may have a problem on my end. Cheers.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

12:00PM - Audio software news [fresh daily]

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